Any questions?

Please contact us by email at info@asifbynassif.com with any questions or comments. We will be happy to help!

Where do you ship?

We currently ship within the United States. We will be expanding into additional countries soon.  Sign up to be notified when we begin shipping to your country!

I signed up to be an ambassador - now where do I place my unique code that was emailed to me?

The best place to feature your unique code is in your Instagram bio or in the body of an email, where the code can be embedded as a link.  It is important to ensure that your followers click and shop from your link, so that you get credit (and earn $$$ commissions) for the sales you generate.

Where do I find the as|if content and assets that I can use to share with my followers?

You can either use the posts and captions directly from our @asifbynassif Instagram, or you can access featured content through the assets tab on your personal dashboard. Make sure that you direct your followers to click on your unique link to purchase so that you get credit for the sale.

What’s your 'Free Of' Promise?

Our 'Free Of' promise guarantees all as|if  products will never include phthalates, mineral oil, lanolin, formaldehyde, or parabens and are never tested on animals.

Who should use the as|if #FreshStart regimen?

The as|if #FreshStart regimen is formulated to be effective on all skin types. Our signature as|if Peptide Complex and bioactive botanicals form a complete support system that restores balance to skin, while protecting it from future problems. Whether you're oily, combination or dry, using as|if skin care will give you healthy, smooth and radiant #PrettyFilter skin.

My skin is combination too oily... is the as|if #FreshStart regimen suitable for me?

Yes, and here's why: The #GetWoke Exfoliating Cleanser + Mask contains natural clay to absorb excess oil and refine rough, porous skin. If your skin is prone to breakouts, using the #AreWeClear? Skin Refining Essence provides anti-bacterial protection for blemish control. Always remember to use as|if products twice daily for maximum benefits.

Which ingredients minimize the appearance of pores?

The as|if #AreWeClear? Skin Refining Essence contains Gluconolactone, a gentle, yet effective resurfacing treatment that smooths skin texture and minimizes the appearance of large pores. Also, our #GetWoke Exfoliating Cleanser + Mask contains two types of clay to make skin appear even and pore-less.

My skin is dry, should I be using another cream at nighttime?

Good news, you don't have to use a night cream. Our #YouFeelMe? HydroCream Moisturizer has three different hydrators to help prevent moisture loss. Use twice daily, A.M. and P.M., to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Can the Exfoliating Cleanser + Mask remove makeup?

Our #GetWoke Exfoliating Cleanser + Mask  does remove all face makeup. Here's a tip for long wearing, hard to remove makeup: Do a pre-cleanse first, mixing the cleanser with plenty of water to create a looser texture. Massage in a circular motion to dissolve stubborn makeup. Rinse, then apply a second time for a deep cleanse. You will need to use eye makeup remover to remove eye makeup, as clay is not optimal for use around eyes. We are launching our #CleanItLikeYouMeanIt makeup cleansing wipe in Fall 2020 to help you remove eye makeup.

Can I use as|if with my other skincare products?

We would like you to stay true to the as|if regimen. Our formulas are potent and loaded with multi-active treatment ingredients that form a complete support system for skin. Mixing with other types of products may neutralize the benefits. Use the as|if #FreshStart regimen twice daily, to see balanced, healthy, #PrettyFilter skin.

Do I have to wait long before I see results?

We're happy to tell you, no waiting required! Each time you use the as|if products, your skin reaps the benefits of potent, multi-active ingredients in each formula. Use twice daily as recommended and your skin will continue to improve over time, looking smoother, healthier and more radiant...even when you don't always follow the rules.

Using the Skin Refining Essence and HydroCream Moisturizer together feels a little heavy for my oily skin. What do you recommend?

That's an easy fix!  Simply use them separately. Apply the #AreWeClear?  Skin Refining Essence in the morning and the #YouFeelMe? HydroCream Moisturizer at night. You can also swap the order, whichever works best for you.

30 Day Return Policy

If you purchase product(s) via the www.asifbynassif.com website and you are not satisfied with the product, we will issue a refund to you in the amount you paid for the product less shipping, as long as you notify us and tell us why you don't like or want the product within thirty (30) days of your order date at returns@asifbynassif.com. However, we are not required to issue a refund to you if you order another product of the same type and a refund will only be issued in the company's sole discretion. Refunds will be provided as a credit back to the payment form you used to purchase the product.